Georgina Ragaven

Founded recently own company Star Connexxions Ltd and Has over 25 years experience in training.

She prepared and promoted one of the first ‘empowerment’ programmes for women with various Ministries. Pioneer of Health, Fitness and wellbeing projects in Mauritius.

She is a PR and Communications Consultant in Marketing and Image Building. Georgina is in events consulting, creating the correct atmosphere for your product.  Networking – Bringing the right people to your enterprise, prepares tailor made Personal Development programmes, promotes and markets training programmes across the island, MQA registered trainer and Complies with HRDC regulations

Georgina was until January 2010 the CSR Manager of BAI Group, and Part-time lecturer at M.I.E.

In the past, has been Adviser for Minister of Health, Minister of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Women and Children,

Currently, she is the adviser for Women Entrepreneurship Development to the  Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare. Georgina promoted health, fitness and a holistic approach to life through regular TV programmes Photo journalist with local press and has written for local and international magazines and papers. She writes and prepares communiqués for media in English, Proof reading and editing for media. She is the Founding member and Past President of Rotary Club of Phoenix. District officer for Rotary International in 2006, 2010 and 2013. Member of Soroptimist International Port Louis and of AMFCE. Member of the MIOD and AMCHAM WIN Ltd Board member - Current WIN Champion for Leadership and Training. Events coordinator. She speaks English, Greek, French (basic)

Denzil Philips

With over 30 years experience Denzil’s company, Denzil Philips International, advises some of the world’s leading corporations and development organisations operating in the field of spa & wellness, natural beauty care, natural medicines, fragrances and cosmetics. Denzil is Director of the Association of African Medicinal Plants Standards and Advisor to the Caribbean Spa & Wellness Assoc.

Suki Kalirai

Suki has 25 years experience operating at the highest level in business. After graduating in chemistry from Imperial College he worked in marketing, operations and general management for Unilever, Coca-Cola International (Director European Operational Planning, Director European Marketing) and Forte & Le Meridien Hotels (main board globally). In February 2000 Suki founded and set up SSI the parent company behind re-aqua and Dove Spa. By 2007 when he moved his attention to the Carlton Institute, SSI had grown to 30 sites in the UK, 14 in Spain and 2 in Mexico. Suki has always had a passion for training and his acquisition of Carlton Institute was no surprise to anyone that has heard him talk about the most important element of any spa or salon’s success – the people running it day to day. Suki is Chairman of the Spa Business Association and a director of Habia (the UK standard setting body for spa, hair & beauty). He currently is at

Esther Belmaati

Dr. Esther Belmaati an aesthetic medical practitioner obtained her medical degree from the University of Copenhagen in 2003, where after she worked at Hospitals in Copenhagen, Denmark and Norway for some years. Esther completed her Ph.D. programme in 2012. Her area of interest being Dermatology, she currently works at the Department of Dermato-Allergology at Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since childhood, Esther has had an immense interest in science and health, so medicine was a very natural choice for her. However, she also loved drawing, art and design. She won several art and science prizes and contemplated career possibilities that could combine both passions. For a long time her passion for science/health and art/drawing, seemed like two worlds apart that could not merge. It was frustrating at times, as she missed one without the other! The spa and wellness world however, is truly a merge of medical interventions used to enhance customers’ aesthetic desires. Also being of African and European descent herself, her interest and knowledge of different skin types is expansive. Esther is a member of AAAM, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and is also certified by the Danish Health Authority as an Aesthetic Medical Practitioner. For several years, Esther has worked to correct and enhances customers’ natural beauty using safe medical techniques that require considerable artistic/aesthetic and medical ability. She is also currently involved in research of new aesthetic medical procedures. So her passion for art and medicine finally merged in Aesthetic Medicine.

Jean Martin

International Strategic Business Consultant with in-depth Program Management and Finance expertise including; Corporate Strategy, Business Development and investment skills; broad experience in Europe, Latin America and Africa, with strong experience in leading and handling large scale projects and programs. Strong analytical skills, proven ability to infiltrate new markets and Entrepreneurial knowhow with successful track records in building international services companies. Jean owns an MBA from London Business School and a Master of Engineering (Meng.) from E.CESI Paris France


A multi award winning Global Makeup Educator & Industry Strategist. She educates and empowers women of all ages. Having trained many artists and given numerous masterclasses. Eryca believes in sharing her journey through her life story so it enables others to realise that they too can uplift themselves from any situation. She often challenges the beauty industry and encourages her beauty professionals to become confident when working with different skin tones. Supermodels such as Leonie Anderson & Naomi Campbell have spoken out about how ill-equipped many makeup artists are to properly work with skin tones that are not their own. Eryca’s mission is to empower other professionals to up their game. Eryca speaks regularly for School speakers and other organisations enabling her to share her experiences across schools and at industry events. Regularly speaking at Professional Beauty, Olympia, Beauty World and other international conferences; Eryca is often booked to speak at women conferences and transformational events. Global Beauty Ambassador, Eryca Freemantle has developed a prolific career for herself as a Celebrity Makeup Artist, TV personality, teacher, motivational speaker, product developer and business woman delivering industry specific intelligence at board level within the International marketplace. Eryca, recent international judge for Miss Africa; watched by record-breaking audiences on DSTV across Africa says ‘the show set the standard for beauty across the continent’. Interviewed by Forbes Magazine Africa, Eryca confirms that her “only ambition is to empower others, irrespective of their gender, to be the best they can be . ”Other prestigious interviews include those provided via CNBC, MNET Studio 53, Ebony Life TV, Bloomberg TV International researcher for Unilever and Euromonitor, the Eryca Freemantle brand is endorsed by UKTI to increase cross-border business-to-business trade. Global Beauty Ambassador, Eryca Freemantle has developed a prolific career for herself as a Celebrity Makeup Artist, TV personality, teacher, motivational speaker, product developer and business woman delivering industry specific intelligence at board level within the international marketplace. A Eryca is one of the few ‘Paramedical Corrective & Camouflage’ specialists for darker skin tones and was headhunted as adviser to the British Government on the ‘Body Image’ campaign where she addressed the needs of young ‘women of colour’ in Britain. Eryca is a former adviser to the ‘London College of Fashion’, the most prestigious fashion and makeup university in the world. Eryca Freemantle’s brand is endorsed by Mo Abudu, Nigerian media magnate and CEO of Ebony Life TV. Simply put, Eryca Freemantle represents the beauty industry across the Globe, having decades of experience.



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