Elaine Okeke Martin

Elaine’s journey has taken her from her birth country Canada, to a childhood in Vom-Jos, Northern Nigeria, to adulthood in Denmark. Her professional life has stirred btw Northern Europe to Asia, Americas and Africa and she feels very blessed to have an education, platforms and networks around the world.  Education being the most important key to success as her academic parents instilled in her, Elaine feels a vital role to the world. She encourages spa and wellness professionals in African countries and globally to come together and make Africa a wellness destination. She highlights this especially through the need to support professionals and companies.

A dynamic International Business Wellness Developer, Elaine has worked and consulted with international companies, providing excellence in spa design, operation management and training to hotels and spas globally. She also works with government departments such as; ministry of tourism, education, and associations, delivering industry specific intelligence at board level within the international market.

A graduate in International Marketing Economics from Copenhagen Business School - Niels Brock 2005 and graduate of CIDESCO International Denmark in 1999. She has been in the industry for the past 18 years and has participated in several consultation meetings for large spa companies worldwide. She brings a wealth of experience by moving and shaping the industry while providing excellence in spa design, operation management and training to hotels and spas globally through SPALOGIQUE. Elaine has been quoted in Spa Business Magazine, SWA Magazine and also contributes her time to the USA Spafinder Wellness 365 Global Panel of Judges for the Wellness Travel Awards in 2015 and 2016. And each year her nominees have won best spa. Elaine is the Founder of the Spa and Wellness Association of Africa (SWAA). SWAA was founded in 2010 due to the growing number of spa and wellness facilities and institutions in Africa which need a professional platform to support standards and education of the industry and African countries in the sector. Elaine’s tenacity and determination has made her accomplish SWAA’s platforms such as; SWAA Certification, SWAA Memberships, SWAA Networks in African countries, Annual SWAA Conference and SWAA Education Ubuntu Program.

Dr Stephan Helary

Dr Stephan Helary was born in Madagascar where he developed a passion for nature and an awareness of environmental issues at an early age. He graduated as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Liege in Belgium where he also obtained a Master Degree in Environment and Wildlife Management. After working on multiple development and conservation projects in Africa, he obtained a PhD in Nutritional Ecology studying black rhinos diet for 5 years. But his passion for plants, ethnobotany and more generally for Africa took him on slightly different path. His extensive knowledge of African indigenous plants, their biochemistry and commercial potential as well as his interest in development and conservation enabled him to create a skincare brand that is both ethical and sustainable and based on sound scientific principles. He has a passion for African cultures and crafts as well as design.

Kamal Chraibi

Kamal graduated from the Engineering University of Paris, and then went on to study at the Culinary Art Institute in Paris. He went on to further his education through different trainings to acquire numerous skills in the Hospitality Industry with Choice Hotel International, Starwood, and Kinseth Hospitality. Kamal then became an apprentice of Master Chef Eric Truglas in the United State for 8 years. Kamal was a Executive Chef in several Five-Star hotels in the US. He then became a Hotel Manager for various high-end hotels. After returning to Morocco, his experience led him to offer consulting to different clients in the hospitality industry, which is continuing to flourish in Morocco. Kamal became involved in the Spa World as a representative of Aspen Management and supervised the Creation of Several Spas, both in Casablanca and other resort areas in the Country. Today, he continues his consulting work in all the facets of the Hospitality Industry. Kamal est diplômé d'une Faculté d'ingénierie de Paris, il a ensuite poursuivi ses études à l'Institut d'art culinaire de Paris. Il a approfondi ses connaissances dans l’Hôtellerie de luxe en suivant diverses formations et stages avec plusieurs chaînes hôtelières internationales comme Choice Hôtel International, Starwood et Kinseth Hospitality. Kamal est ensuite devenu un disciple du Master Chef Eric Truglas aux État-Unis pendant 8 ans. Après cela, Son savoir-faire et la qualité de son travail lui ont permis de se distinguer, et ainsi d’occuper plusieurs positions en tant que Chef Exécutif dans plusieurs hôtels 5 étoiles aux Etats-Unis ainsi que dans la direction et management d’Hôtels. A son retour au Maroc, il décide d’apporter son expertise de l’hôtellerie haut de gamme en tant que consultant aux différents acteurs de l'industrie hôtelière fleurissante au Maroc. Il s’est impliqué dans le Monde du Spa en tant que représentant de la Société internationale Aspen Management et a supervisé la création de plusieurs Spa à Casablanca et dans d’autres villes du pays. Aujourd'hui, il poursuit son expérience de consultant à tous les niveaux dans l'industrie hôtelière.  



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