The Spa & Wellness Association of Africa (SWAA) is a non-profit association founded in 2010 and led by expert volunteers. We unite Member National Spa and Wellness Societies, Businesses, Educators and individual members, to develop and maintain internationally recognised standards while giving members a platform to channel their voice for the spa & wellness industry in Africa. The association has seen a need for regional Coalition of countries to meet the challenges presented by the growth of Africa spa & wellness industry, while gathering market information in regions. We work alongside country Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health boards and Operators to set quality standards and encourage education and preventive health measures within the spa, health, and wellness industry. The association coalition allows us to reach out to the global spa & wellness community and keep our finger on the pulse of spa & wellness. Diversity is our strength.




To be the voice of the Spa and Wellness Industry in Africa. It will help identify the criteria’s of the Industry in Africa and help define and promote the role of Africa on the global setting.


To support development, education and productivity in the spa and wellness sector for future generations in Africa.


To provide a platform for the growth of the spa and wellness industry in Africa.

To be the voice of the industry and to channel information to the public

To promote awareness of the spa and wellness industry nationally, regionally and globally.

To educate on health benefits derived from spa and wellness treatments

To improve the knowledge, technical skills and professionalism of all spa and wellness industry professionals such as Spa owners, managers and directors and therapists

To establish and maintain professional standards for training, administration, service, safety and product suppliers

To provide an active forum for networking and exchange of ideas and information sharing between spa and wellness industry professionals, suppliers, hoteliers and organsations

To liaise with other sectors of Africa tourism industry to promote integrated growth