Date: May 10, 2019

Location: Addis Abba, Ethiopia

SWAA Directors Symposium is generally defined as a meeting organized so that experts in the spa and wellness field can meet, present papers, and discuss issues and trends or make recommendations for a certain course of action. The Director’s Symposium is a member only event for industry directors.

SWAA Symposiums have an implied academic aspect. After the SWAA symposium, attendees should come away having gained a greater degree of knowledge about a topic or a deeper understanding of an issue. They may have heard entirely new concepts about an existing subject or have been introduced to something completely new.

The event will include:

  • Speaker paper presentations and discussions
  • Training courses


  • Incorporates ways to interact
  • Spa industry issues and solutions in your country and region
  • Develop relationships
  • Inspire Spa Managers/Directors.
  • Sponsor opportunity for vendors in the spas and wellness industry


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