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At Spa & Wellness Association of Africa we understand that our member’s time is valuable and we want to make connecting easier and fun. In 2014 we decided to launch SWAA Network events in Africa for industry people to meet, do business, exchange ideas and share information while having fun. This received such positive feedback in the industry that it has been introduced in Kenya and Mauritius and is being introduced into many other African countries such as Namibia, Morocco, Nigeria, and Ethiopia just to mention a few. We also decided to go a step further and provide education and certification during these events. This new platform allows SWAA to get closer to our members and higher results with education in Africa. We hope that this blog will be supported by users in the near future, and give additional benefits to mobile users in Africa and around the world. Our readers can expect to read about new trends, traditional therapies and products, international and national standards, scientific research, trade events, developments around the continent and education.


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