Le Bains de Marrakech review

Marrakech is world renowned for their Hammams so when I planned a long weekend trip to Marrakech June this year I knew I had to also book a hammam at one of the best Spa’s and hammam in Marrakech. A hammam is a steambath, sauna distinguished by focus on water.  Hammans have been a part of Middle Eastern, Roman and Mediterranean culture for centuries. Used as a cleansing and social networking destination, they are seen as reviving and sacred aspects of daily life in cultures around the world.

Le Bains de Marrakech being at the top of list of spa’s and hammams in Marrakech, I booked a 45 minute hammam and traditional body scrub with black soap and kessa glove and ghassoul body mask with plants.

After exploring Marrakech on a hot sunny day, a hammam treatment felt like a gift from heaven and exactly what the doctor ordered. The booking experience was confusing and unresponsive so first impressions were not great. When I arrived at the spa the ambiance was relaxing and welcoming while the attendants were friendly. I was given my locker number and key together with slippers and a bath robe. After changing I was ushered into a private treatment room through a dimly lit hallway with colourful mosaics.

My ‘hammamist’ was at hand and my treatment commenced. The smells were deliciously intoxicating; atmosphere was relaxing and I felt truly pampered. The treatment consisted of an initial body mask while the steam softened the skin, followed my buckets of water thrown on my body which was invigorating. The hammamist then took some black soap which was left to steam for a few minutes and finished off with an all over body scrub. The treatment was completed with a lovely rain shower and though the hammam treatment felt slightly rushed I still felt relaxed after 45 minutes. The treatment finished with a mint tea and some water in quiet space allowing me to wind down.

Overall I think the design of the hammam was beautiful and it had a lot of amazing features however I would try another hammam on my next visit to Marrakech as I found the booking experience difficult and the treatment did not live up to the description.

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