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Date: July 7, 2020
Location: Zoom Event
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Our 10th Anniversary Celebration date is 7th July 2020 at 3PM EAST on Zoom.

We have a great panel planned with old friends, some history and more.

20 Reasons to Value SWAA

As we reflect on our 10years of work in the sector, we´re at the last week of highlighting each of the 20 reasons (or more) to value SWAA

This year is our 10th anniversary! It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the work that has been done by our staff,volunteers, members, and partners. As we reflect on our 10 years of work in the sector, we we’ll be highlighting one of the reasons (or more!) to value SWAA. As part of our network of chapters and individuals that support professionals and businesses, here are some reasons:

Reason #1: SWAA keeps members up-to-date on industry news and happenings through our digital magazine, social media and website.

Reason #2: SWAA helps our members network and connect through the various meetings and events we host every year.

Reason #3: SWAA develops programs that respond to members’ needs for training and other capacity building, such as our seminars and webinars.

Reason #4: SWAA successfully advocates for legislation that helps professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs. Last year was a particularly momentous one, with the winners of Africa Spa Awards.

Reason #5: SWAA brings together experts from across the sector to keep our members up to date on industry trends and help them improve their services to clients.

Reason #6: SWAA successfully advocates for policy that brings resources to our members.

Reason #7: Through various channels, SWAA informs the public and media about professionals, business and industry facts and figures.

Reason #8: SWAA convenes members so that they can work together to strengthen the ecosystem.

Reason #9: SWAA partners with other organizations to optimize resources and strengthen the ecosystem.

Reason #10: SWAA acts as a hub for new programming, including lending chapters a platform for online training.

Reason #11: SWAA keeps up to date on the issues that affect professionals and businesses in African countries, and across the world – so you don’t have to.

Reason #12: SWAA broadens the reach of our members’ success beyond community by featuring them as a Success Story.

Reason #13: SWAA helps members promote their events through our Event Calendar, which keeps clients and visitors informed of all industry events in Africa and beyond.

Reason #14: SWAA brings you the latest trends and capacity building through our monthly webinar series.

Reason #15: SWAA keeps members up to date on grant opportunities and state/federal business development funds through the digital magazine.

Reason #16: SWAA is a hub of industry research.

Reason #17: SWAA partners with other organizations to expand the number of opportunities for our members.

Reason #18: SWAA connects members with each other through networking events such as networking events, and other annual member events like our Annual Conference.

Reason #19: SWAA amplifies the work of our members through blog posts, social media, and our weekly newsletters.

Reason #20: SWAA values fun! We always strive to make our events and programs exciting and stimulating.

The Goodies

Research, Standards& Conferences

- SWAA Hub releasesits new Standards Guidefor professionals and business owners in Africa.

- The Annual SWAA Conference 2021 is the premier event in the Spa & Wellness industry in Africa, and will take place September 1st-3rd, 2021 in Cape TownSouth Africa.

For our members and their clients

  • Business annual survey is now open for response from business owners and executives throughout the continent. (click here)

Professional Opportunities

  • Almarie Venter’s 8-week online webinar course program, “Re-Mind,” starts June 22, 2020.
  • Ishana Maharaj's 5 day - online webinar course program, “Sophrology,” starts July 3rd, 2020.

Other Goodies

Member Kudos:

  • Thanks to all our members who signed up for the free membership. Your support is valuable and we hope you enjoy the benefits of new Standard Guide and regulations! 
  • Lucky draw will take place in celebration of our 10th year anniversary.  Gift hampers to be won. Condition register as a member and sign up for our webinar - so winner has to be a registered member and a must have signed up for the webinar to be eligible for the prize.