We cover the communities spa and wellness resources, testimonials, and human interest stories out of Africa.

The foundation of SWAA Insights Digital Magazine was built on advocating the spa and wellness resources available right here in our community. Through our own personal experiences, we have learned the importance of quality educational guides that can help during spas in operations get the right information and promote Africa as wellness destination. Whether you are a professional seeking new trends and industry information and tips for your clients, or not just interested in the spa and wellness, our articles will reach your need for further education and awareness.


We love the existing publications available to us in our market. However, we feel there is an important need for spa and wellness providers to give their expert opinions on preventative care, treatments, products and procedures available with our world’s rising well-being interests. SWAA Insights will not be just another magazine. We will partner with our community and providers to build on spa and wellness and knowledge for years to come.

Whether you are spa conscious, healthy, or not or just interested in the spa and wellness industry, our articles will reach your need for further education.

Elaine Okeke Martin, Founder


With a team of motivated contributors, SWAA Insights digital magazine began sharing via, “Africa Spa and Wellness Bulletin Newsletter” and soon got its first printed magazine version in October 2015. We took a pause to understand what the market needed. The publication continued in 2018. Therefore SWAA became the new form of professional spa and wellness outreach for our community.