Africa Wellness Initiative

The Africa Wellness Initiative (AWI) aims to promote African wellness through strengthening African wellness institutions, training and human resources development. In addition, we aim together with Global WI to build a data base of wellness operators, practitioners and indigenous skills for the benefit of Africa and the global wellness industry. The AWI will also help to record, develop and protect the unique skills and indigenous knowledge by promoting a culture of African-inspired knowledge sharing within the global billion-dollar wellness industry. This is key for a continent which has so much to offer the global wellness arena – it will include the innovative use and promotion of indigenous African plants, robust programs and events to build up a strong educational and entrepreneurial spirit within the African spa and wellness industry as well as help strengthen the industry in terms of standards and accreditation within the African continent. For more click here … or simply download PDF


Mrs Elaine Okeke- Martin- [email protected]

Dr. Denzil Phillips –  [email protected]

Mrs. Lina Njoroge –  [email protected]

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