The Global Mentorship Program provides Spa Industry professionals with Mentor-Mentee relationships to inspire growth for aspiring Spa Managers. This complimentary global program matches Spa Managers (Mentees) from around the world with experienced Spa Directors (Mentors) to assist them in progressing further in their career.

Started by a group of dedicated and seasoned Spa Professionals, The Global Mentorship Program is the only formal Mentorship program serving the global spa industry. Spa Directors are given an opportunity to pass down their wisdom, while raising the collective knowledge of the industry and learning new tricks from their Mentees. Spa Managers are given the opportunity to refine their skills on-the-job and gain new perspectives for managing spas. Matching mentees with a highly qualified mentor is offered at no charge to the participants, apart from their agreed-upon time commitment during the six-month mentoring sessions.

By meeting with their Mentor at least once a month for an hour, Mentees receive guidance and coaching from an experienced professional in a variety of areas. The top areas focused on in 2015 included Leadership and Human Resources, Financial Management, and Time Management.  97% of Mentees from the first year believe they are a better leader due to being Mentored and 100% believe they are better Spa Managers after having participated.

The 2015 Global Mentorship Program reached 33 Spa Managers and 16 Spa Directors in 22 countries and they hope to double that number in 2016. In order to help the global spa industry, they need your help! 

They are currently seeking volunteer Mentors and Mentees to dedicate their time to and receive the personal growth benefits of the 2016 Global Mentorship Program. The deadline for applications is September 1st, so please visit to join today!