The Future Of Spa

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The Future of Spa – 3 Ways Entrepreneurs & Managers can prepare for the Spa of the Future with The Ultimate Customer Experience, mapping out the processes to be more effective, profitable and efficient

 KNOW YOUR STORY: Brand Story and differentiation to grow market share

 KNOW YOUR NICHE: Your Niche and your messaging

PERFECT YOUR CONTENT: Connection through marketing content ascurrency

3 WAYS TO STAND OUT IN A SEA OF SPAS:  You will be provided with complimentary points as follows:

 Talking points:

1- Sustainability & Going Green

2- Automate & Digital Service Components

3- Customized & and Results Focused

 Training NameThe Future Spa- 3 ways Entrepreneurs & Managers can prepare for the Spa of the future. 

Lengths : 2 per week, 3 weeks course. (Total of 6 sessions + 1 complimentary = 7 sessions in total ) 
Date : Starting October 5th every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for 3 weeks. 
Time : 9pm GMT. 
Price : 
– $ 195 for non members and non attendees of SWAA Conference.  
– $ 175 for Members and SWAA Conference attendees.