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Spinning in a Pandemic: What Are the Health Benefits?

Improve Cardiovascular Health
If you’re looking to increase your cardio endurance, spinning is one of the best options. It can also improve overall heart health. In fact, researchers at the University of Glasgow found cycling cut the risk of developing heart disease by almost 50 percent. Spinning is a challenging, high-intensity workout that’ll make your heart stronger, and repeated sessions can increase cardiovascular stamina.

Improve Lung Health
In addition to your heart, your lungs will also see improvement through repeated spin classes. This is thanks to the intensity of the workout—and the corresponding active and deep breathing you’ll be doing.

Burn Calories
For those looking to lose or to maintain weight, spinning is an excellent solution. An hour-long spin class burns approximately 400 to 600 calories, depending on your level of exertion, height and weight. Many spin classes also fall under the umbrella of high-intensity interval training. This means these workouts help you burn calories long after you hop off your bike!

Relieve Stress
Thanks to the endorphins released during exercise, all workouts are great stress relievers. Spinning is no exception. Spin classes are also known for their camaraderie, team-oriented spirit and pump-ing music—all things that can make your workout more fun and endorphin producing.

Build Lower Body Strength
For those looking to improve muscle tone in their glutes, legs and core, spinning is one of the best cardio options around. This workout specifically targets those areas, and, depending on your set-tings (opt for high tension at a slower pace), you can significantly build lower body strength.