Elected Officials

SWAA: SA Chapter Committee Bio

Committee Members by Roles 

  1. Executive Committee Chair: Nthabiseng Shongwe
  2. Professional Chapter Members: IzelleLouw, Tumelo Maome&SindileMadlingozi
  3. Governance Member Associate: Charne le Roux
  4. Development Chapter Member: Mandla Quwe
  5. Tourism Specialist: Dineo Molefe


Committee Member Bios

Nthabiseng Shongwe

“Put your words to will and see your life changed by their beauty and power” – Nianarri, Writer & Poet

Nthabiseng Shongwe is an integrated communication specialist with a passion and belief in the power of words and the ability of people’s narratives to change their lives and the world.

Over the past 10 years, her work has flowed into the spaces of education, philosophy, health and wellness, and narrative (storytelling). It is through the combination of the learnings from these spaces that she works to see people, their passions, and efforts brought to life through communication and healthy environments.

Through her work she creates, plans, and delivers connection-orientated communication strategies that build a consistent experience for communities across various channels, and these channels align communication with personal and professional goals.

Her approach focuses on the ‘why’ behind each idea, concept, and passion and then considers how to connect this to the purpose of the community to be reached. With this approach she has written and implemented private and corporate strategies, designed multiple graphic materials for print and digital distribution, and has facilitated both intimate workshops to larger-scaled summits and conferences.

Her belief is that connection-orientated communication is not only a strategy for brands and businesses, it is a way to truly begin to bring communities together using more conscious and compassionate messaging and engagements to make an impact.

Her work over the years has shown that by listening and focusing on the message and core matter people and their businesses can find authentic ways to collaborate, share, and add value within the communities they care about and want to engage about their offering. This, she believes is the beginning of real change and growth for individuals and society at large.



IzelleLouw is the owner and founder of Mommy Wellness and started the business from her own experience. She is a beauty therapist herself and after being frustrated that no one would massage her and other mothers during pregnancy she decided on the concept to help other mothers fully enjoy some pampering during their whole pregnancy.

Izelle’s main focus is to inspire all women to better health. She wants her spas to help women embrace and enjoy every aspect of motherhood from before they conceive right through to the time they deliver and later become grandmothers.

At Mommy Wellness teams has a passion for women and mothers because motherhood is a full-time job and when mothers aren’t happy, their families are also affected.

Treatments at the spas specialise in skin and body treatments for pregnant women and they provide massage courses and have play dens where children can be looked after while mothers and fathers are being pampered.






Tumelo Maome
Tumelo Maome is a Spa Therapist and Trainer who has worked in the spa and beauty industry for the last 10 years. During her decade she has worked at various spas, focusing on both body and skin care treatments which grew into a passion for the development of therapists and training.

Throughout her career she has worked to continuously learn new techniques and information that she has then applied in treatments with clients and has shared with students under her leadership.

Her desire to educate therapists has informed her delivery in the classroom expressed with humour, kindness, and care.

Tumelo Maome is an accomplished Somatologist with over 10 years’ experience in the health and skincare industry .

She has a love for people and wellbeing before she knew she could make a career out of it.

She has an itch of curiosity to understand how things work,more so the human body and brain. She is an intentional therapist and no client is ever the same in her hands.

In her journey she has had the opportunity to do therapy, manage and train therapists,which encouraged her to train as an assessor and tap into business management studies.

She always receives great feedback both in therapy and for her people skills. It is the feedback which has intrigued her to constantly want to develop  herself and invest in her own personal development in order to better understand her clients and teams .

Her long term goal is to be part of training and development within the industry and beyond.

She has had significant professional experiences as a therapist and engages in several tools to help the companies she works for evaluate operational requirements more accurately and improve the environment within the work space.


SindileMadlingozi has worked in the field of marketing and communications for over 10 years with a passion for community work and events. Her desire to inspire young people saw her moving into project management and co-ordination to help identify performing talent in schools. Her creative side had further been sparked in this work and brought her closer to the marketing and entertainment industry.

Sindile is a passionate creative and continues to learn and grow within her industry, through techniques and studies in public speaking and presentation, as well as creating content for screen productions.




Charne le Roux
Charne le Roux is founder Green Spa Africa and has run the company for  over 12 years. She is a green spa developer and sustainability advisor as well as a retired intellectual property lawyer.

Alongside her company, Charne has had experience on various boards and organisations where she promotes the development of the green spa industry and sustainability practices.

She was also responsible for the sustainability committee of the largest law firm in Africa which is tasked to develop the firm’s sustainability profile. This included the preparation of its annual sustainability report, assisted with the green building certification of one of its buildings, the creation of sustainability policies and the implementation of programmes to measure and reduce its carbon footprint.

In 2003 she developed the first dedicated organic spa in South Africa, Vygenhoek Organic Spa. The spa was awarded for Unique Spa in 2008 shortly after opening and received a Merit Award for Excellence in 2009 from the Mpumalanga Institute for Architects in recognition of the sustainable design features incorporated in the building.

She regularly receives invitations to speak on the subject of sustainable business practices in the spa environment. She has also written various publications and articles; she has published the Green Spa Guide and worked to develop the Green Calculator for Spas a project developed in partnership with ESP to serve as a working tool for spas and wellness operators to measure their sustainability.


Mandla Quwe
Mandla Quwe has more than 15 years of experience as a massage therapist. His hard work on Cruise liners as well as in up market spas throughout South Africa has equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and skill, enabling him to successfully manage a number of spas with a completely hands-on approach.

He has also spoken at the 63rdCidesco World Congress 2015 that was held at the International Convention Centre in Johannesburg educating about the importance of Sports Massage and its benefits. He was also a speaker at the World Spa and Wellness Convention in 2018 at the Gallagher Convention Centre. Here, Mandla spoke about Targeting Corporates and their Wellness Programmes. He also started a training programme for underprivileged youth training them on Massage Therapy with the vision of doing more training on a full course in Health and Beauty Therapies.

He is currently running his own practice called Eyosapho Massage Therapy in East London in the Eastern Cape. His aim is to build relaxing, healthy and thus, rewarding workplace environments for the employer and employee alike, moreover to create Wellness Programmes that will look after people’s wellbeing.

To this end he has created a Staff Reward Programme, House and Office Massage calls as well as Events Massage.


Dineo Molefe

Dineo Molefe established Dee’s African Spa at Protea Hotel (Kruger Park Gate) in 2009. The business is 100% black female owned and serves as the base for providing skills to young black women in surrounding areas, thereby providing social upliftment.

Dineo has 17 years of experience as a Somatologist and Spa Manager of renowned 5-star lodges, including Singita Private Game Reserve, Granny Mouse Country House Spa in Midlands, Karkloof Spa in KZN and the award-winning Amani Spa at SabiSabi Private Game Reserve.

In 2017 Dineo won the ABM Awards as Business Women of the Year in Nelspruit.

Dee’s African Spa run by Dineo has treatments based on ancient traditional massage methods like the Xigiya Tribal Massage and Tribal Head Massage. These treatments are highly influenced by African culture.