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Corporate Wellness

Date: 18th November 2020
Time: 4PM EAST Nairobi
Where: ZOOM

Questions and areas to be covered:
 4 pillars of wellness by AMREF: Emotional, Mental, Financial, Physical
 9 domains which constitutes the profiling of the 4 pillars – 20 min to fill out your profile. Data is anonymous. Checks all levels of the person – programmes recommended – can track progress on apps(is user driven, can become a KPI for employee) – Get a pool of professionals that help you for a fee e.g nutritionists, phycologists
 Insurance is possible here.
 Data policy on status of health of the employee – introduced at point of entry to corporates.
 SWAA Partnership with AMREF clients can be linked to SWAA Members
 AMREF Pro list can be linked to Africa Wellness Initiative Professional list on Global Wellness Institute.
We are all in the midst of a Global pandemic. As humanity continues to grapple with the effects and impact of the COVID- 19 pandemic, uncertainty still prevails. Measures have been put by Governments worldwide in order to avert the global cri-sis and at the same time manage and mitigate against the rising incidences and mortalities of COVID-19 pandemic. This has forever changed the way employers and employees look at workplace wellness.
The impact of COVID-19 on Social aspect employers and employees wellbeing has been enormous and corporate wellness solutions or programs in their traditional sense have had to be re- defined, reviewed, re- invented, re-imagined and it’s still evolving.
It has become more and more clear that the wellbeing of an employee is key to a resilience workforce. Having an employee wellbeing strategy is important for building a strong and resilient workforce.
We know that there is no one -size -fits- all wellness strategy. Organizations have to develop multi – scenario employee wellbeing strategies. It’s no longer all about Return on investment (ROI) but also Return on value (ROV).

In today’s webinar we are discussing corporate wellness and our panellist will be discussing and answering some of the questions emanating from the evolving wellness landscape.
1.What do you think are the key components of corporate wellness and why?

  1. How is your organization adapting and adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic?
    3.What strategies have you as an employer or your organization out in place to ensure engagement and timely communication to your employees?
  2. Have your organizations support services and health related benefits changed since COBID -29 pandemic?
    5.What is your organizations corporate policy on return to work back or on supporting employees to work from home or remotely.
  3. What are your organizations corporate containment policies or protocols incase of employees who may be ill or exposed to COVID-19.
    7.How have you embraced the technology and digital wellness solutions for your employees.
    Finally, How do you see Corporate Wellness advancing in Africa.
    Call to Action:
    All speakers and audiences views will be taken into consideration and included in the final summary of what Corporate Wellness in Africa needs to be.
    We hope you join us in this great discussion.

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